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Stylematic Focus: Hypeflaw

Each week, Stylematic online will move through the Instagram ether searching for fashion inspiration from around the world. We could think of nowhere better to start than in Paris, with someone who caught our eye back when Stylematic was just a thought. Clean, casual and chic, the blogger formerly known as Hypeflaw blends luxury and high-end streetwear brands with confident ease. We caught up with  Paul for a quick Q&A:


1. Name?….Paul Binam

2. Where are you based?….Paris, France.

3. How would you describe your style?…Can’t really describe my style.  I don’t have just one.  But actually I love minimalist and  casual chic.



4.  Favourite sneakers?…I would say Balenciaga at the moment

5.  Favourite luxury brand?…Gucci

6. Favourite affordable brand?…COS



7. Favourite Instagram account?…I don’t really have a favourite Instagram account but I really like @tamirajarrel or @nanivintage & @in.thecity 

8.  Favourite movie?…Fame

9. Favourite music album?…Frank Ocean – channel ORANGE 

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