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Stylematic is about helping to shine a light on creativity, wherever we see it. For natives of the Maiden City, the last decade has seen a transformation of its cityscape. Rising from the rubble of conflict to artistic colour and vibrancy splashed across many of its gable walls and derelict buildings in the form of graffiti. If you walk up along the City Quay walkway, towards the Peacebridge and even over to the former Military Barracks of Ebrington Square, we see amazing artwork breathe new life into the City.


One of the men behind much of the work will be one of the contributors to Stylematic online. He’s one half of UVArts, NOYS (AKA Donal O’Doherty). Donal and Karl Porter (the other half of UVArts), have blazed a new creative trail in the city. The due take their art into community groups and schools and bring artists from all over Europe to the City to showcase their skills through their ‘Release the Pressure’ Graffiti Jam Festival. Below, Donal explains the Inspiration behind some of his own work…


Beautiful Abandonment: Artist: NOYS

“Beautiful abandonment, that’s what I am always on the lookout for. In amongst the wasteland of former industry: derelict & abandoned factories is where I love to paint. Often these places are left to rot and crumble away from the view of the general public, nature takes over, water creeps in and plants begin to inhabit these once hives of human activity and industry. These places are great for graffiti writers: this is where nature slowly begins to spread and take control once more; often, what we are left with is are strange and dynamic backdrops for us that only add to the art we leave behind.”

Location: Derry City, Unknown


Two Fingers! Artist: NOYS

“My philosophy? Free art, for the city, for the people, whether they want it or not! This is not about forcing my beliefs on anyone, but the street art movement is about the masses having access to the artistic space without feeling confined to the often-stuffy galleries that sometimes seem out of touch with the people.”

Location: Derry City, The Quay

“There is a lot of advertising forced on us these days, it sometimes feels that every inch of every city is being hijacked by corporatism: “buy my shit” whether it has value or not! So, if I find a spot and paint something, it might make people feel happy, perhaps angry or nothing at all. Either way, I’m not fussed, but this is my two fingers held up to the corporate slags; I’ll do this for the people, I’ll bring art into communities and show that these spaces belong to us all…”



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